Technology and Manufacture



This is truly a revolutionary technology, designed to help with the problem that everybody male or female that sleeps on their sides incurs (this includes pregnant ladies). The Beauty Pillow satin anti-wrinkle pillow has been used successfully since 2003 and only previously sold via private beauty salons in the UK but now available clients all over the world.

Suitable for both sexes that what to wake to a more beautiful less wrinkled tomorrow (see diagram below to see how the beauty pillow works)                                 

Below shows where everyone will get lines as they age if they sleep on the side of there face our new satin EYE MASK work on it own or with THE BEAUTY PILLOW for even better results



It is well known that sleeping on satin pillows is the ultimate in sleep luxury, film star has used them for years.


Now the multilayer Beauty Pillow technology takes that concept to a new level our smaller the average pillow designed to be placed under your face so the movement of satin is not stopped by your shoulder.


This diagram and video below shows how the satin beauty pillow moves with your face:






This is what you can expect from your Beauty Pillow:

Between ages 18-25 you may stop lines from being formed.

Between ages, 25-35 night lines may be reduced in depth.

From 35 onwards your skin should look less stressed when you wake.

We all know that repeated squinting leads to crow's feet and frowning or smiling causes deep lines. Although these initially disappear during the day eventually the repetition can cause them to become permanent.

Just in the same way pillowcase stress causes creases and lines which can eventually become permanent wrinkles in the face and loss of moisture and abrasion can lead to hair breakage.

The Beauty Pillow solves all of these problems by sitting on top of your favourite pillow, making it ideal for travelling, giving you a soft flowing satin base for a truly therapeutic and stress-crease free night's sleep.

As you move, the multilayer technology allows the surface of the pillow to move with your face (unlike the normal pillow which simply creates stress to your skin and hair during sleep),


All our products are made in the UK in a Yorkshire based sewing the factory has been making similar product for 25 years mainly for the

airline industry, they work to a very high standard which is needed as

"The beauty pillow" is very hard to produce as it has a unique"copyright"

the way of being assembled.

As with the "beauty pillow eye mask" which as been made with the minimum of seams (so you have the minimum of marks on your face when you wake)

which again is not the easiest of product to make.

We believe in giving work to local businesses.