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By ELLIE WHITE article in the SUN

Published: 05 Dec 2007

PILLOWCASES made of satin or silk can help you look younger, say boffins.

Sleeping on cotton is bad for your looks because it damages the skin, claims US dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross.

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There is a lot of pluses and info all over web for a satin pillow ( E how) but our innovative multi layer satin take it to another level !

How do I prevent overnight creasing?

Sleeping on your side can cause pillow-case stress lines and creases. The simple act of pressing your face into a hard cotton pillow makes your skin crease. We've all woken up with sheet marks on our cheeks and when this action is repeated night after night, the amount of collagen and elastic tissue decreases - which can cause permanent wrinkles.

How The Beauty Pillow work!

The Beauty Pillow multi-layer technology solves these problems by moving with you as you sleep, thus eliminating pillow slip stress creases and lines.

How do I use the Beauty Pillow?

The Beauty Pillow measures just 50 x 30 cm, and as you sleep, with the side of your face on the beauty pillow, the material will flow with your head movements instead of causing the resistance that you would usually get from a normal cotton pillocase. It will take a few days to get used to it, but once you do, you'll never want to sleep without it!.. and you find that you will subconciously keep the pillow under your face throughout the night.

Why is the Beauty Pillow small?

The Beauty Pillow is small because it has been designed to go under your face so your shoulder does not stop the movement of the material. After using it for a few nights you get used to keeping it under your face and you will find you will use it every night. It is small and easy to pack when you take on a trip or go on vacation ........ and you want to look your best for that early business meeting.........